DIY wood bead garland styled on coffee table with mudcloth pillows in background
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DIY Wood Bead Garland with Tassels

Learn to make an easy DIY wood bead garland with cotton tassels. Add a natural element and a hint of bohemian or farmhouse flair to your living space.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: DIY Home Decor
Cuisine: DIY Projects
Servings: 1 garland
Author: Kim |



  • This garland requires two tassels. To make a tassel, wrap your string around your hand approximately 20 times, starting and ending with both end pieces going in the same direction (as shown in the photo).
    Wrapping cotton string to create a tassel for wood bead garland
  • Next, about a third of the way down, tie off the top part of the tassel. Then, wrap your string approximately 12 -15 times around, creating a uniform edge. Be sure to tie off the end that doesn’t include the already cut strings, which should be facing downward.
    Wrapping cotton string to create a tassel for wood bead garland
  • After wrapping, tie the ends in a tight knot, allowing the pieces to hang down and become part of the tassel. Or, clip them off and tuck them under the wound string, if you prefer.
    Cotton twine and half-finished cotton tassel for wood bead garland
  • Next, cut the bottom loop to create your tassel. Trim evenly, if necessary.
    Cutting cotton twine to create handmade tassel for wooden garland decoration
  • Use scotch tape to wrap one end of the cotton string (while it’s still on the spool) to create a stiff tip, and then thread the string through the top of your tassel. Don’t cut your string off the spool until you’re sure how much you need. You’re going to string the beads with your string doubled, so you need to pull the length of string you will require completely through, double it and then add a few inches BEFORE you cut your string from the spool. The length will depend on the amount of beads you plan to string.
    Threading cotton twine through handmade cotton tassel for wood garland
  • Once you determine the correct length, tie a knot at the top of your tassel to anchor it. See photo. My garland was 48” long, so the amount of string I cut was 100 inches. To begin stringing your beads, tape both pieces of your string ends together to create another stiff tip so that you can thread both pieces of string easily though the beads.
    Finished handmade cotton tassel for wood garland
  • Once your beads are completely strung, cut off your double scotch taped end and pull one side of string through the top of your second tassel. With the other end of your string, create a knot at the top of the tassel in the same way you did with the first tassel. Tie your knot tightly, cut and hide the ends in the loop. Make sure the knot is secure before you clip the ends of your string.
    Stringing beads onto cotton twine for wood garland


You can also paint or wax your wooden beads. I liked the natural pale wood tone of the beads so I strung them as is onto cotton string. You can also use a large embroidery needle, if you have one on hand, instead of the scotch tape method, but I find wrapping the ends of the string with scotch tape is easier and quicker.